Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman's Gateway to Power Passion and Purpose

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About The Book

Embraced by the Divine - The Emerging Womans Gateway to Power Passion and Purpose is an exceptional anthology filled with raw authenticity love and spiritual wisdom from some of the most light-filled female way-showers of our time.The message is that no matter what challenge misfortune or trauma life throws at you there is always the chance to turn it around to grow from the experience and to triumph against all odds. Each chapter is a deeply personal raw and vulnerable account of one or more crisis periods in that womans life her Dark Night of the Soul and how often in partnership with the Divine she found that deep inner courage and strength to not only break through to a higher level and to grow as a person but also to follow her dreams and achieve success often phenomenally. The co-authors inspire readers to believe that if these women can do it then I can too!Filled with juicy journeys inspirational spiritual gems practical tools meditations and divine guidance to find and live your highest life purpose / divine mission this book allows readers to get up close and personal with each co-author.Written by successful women of a particularly high resonance who are not afraid to bare their soul this book is especially suited to you if you are a woman feeling that deep inner soul stirring to break through limiting beliefs and fears to reclaim your power. It will appeal to you if you need inspiration and confidence to follow your dreams and fully embrace your life purpose at the highest level.The 16 inspirational CO-AUTHORS from 4 continents are Lorraine Cohen Julie Ann Deb Scott Edie Weinstein Jesse Ann Nichols George Brenda Pearce Helaine Z. Harris Kerri Kannan Christine Kloser Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard Andrea Beadle Joanne Newell Therese Skelly Raeline Brady Janet Parsons and Linda Murray.In meditation the angels told Michelle Mayur We want you to share stories of heartache pain hope and personal transformation. Your story is to be about how everyday women have faced challenges maybe even hitting rock bottom emotionally financially or physically and what has created the shift within them from despair and desperation to hope and courage. Inspirational stories of ordinary women facing extraordinary challenges.Foreword and Angel Blessing by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney.Receive $$$ Free Gifts from the co-authors when you purchase your copy.

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