Even the Eyebrows?

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About The Book

When I was told I needed chemotherapy I froze with fear. The word itself has almost mystical powers conjuring up vivid mental images of frail shadow-like people curled up on beds quietly writhing in agony and slowly losing the will to live. In truth Id never really thought about what it actually was I just knew it was bad. I asked my family and friends what they thought chemotherapy was and bearing in mind how prevalent cancer is these days the responses were as varied as they were downright peculiar: Ive never actually been sure whats involved but I know its unpleasant. Its a large machine you slide into a bit like the old iron lung machine (does anyone remember the old iron lung machine?) Every bit of your bodys bombarded by deadly rays. Its an injection that lasts for hours and hours. Well here are just four good reasons why I needed to dispel some ridiculous myths about cancer treatment. Even the eyebrows? is an honest account of what to expect before during and after treatment and a guide to making the journey as comfortable and calm as humanly possible.

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