Federal Government of the United States

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FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES ?This Book is Federal Government Book; it should not be under estimated by any Faculty or Individual. The book contains all roles of President United States Congress United States Judiciary and United States Inner Executive Departments are: ?United States Department of States; United States Department of Treasury United States Department of Defense United States Department of Justice and United States Department of Homeland Security; and others Offices that have Rank of Cabinet-Level and they are: Vice President of the United States Office; Executive Office of the President (White House); Office of Budget and Management; Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; Environmental Protection Agency; United States Mission to United Nations; United States Council of Economic Advisors; United States Department of Army Forces; United States Department of Air Forces; United States Department of Naval Operations; United States Marine Corps/Commands; and United States of Americas short history and United States Constitution. However the above mentioned Departments have more than one thousand Agencies. Author: Pan

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