First Footsteps: A Guide to Spiritual and Personal Development

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About The Book

At some stage in their lives many people start to consider some of the bigger questions about life in general. It is as if they are searching for a bigger purpose or understanding to help them feel connected and able to live a life with direction. This is the beginning of spiritual and personal development.This kind of development is like being a traveller on a long road. Every so often the traveller leaves the highway to explore a side road but later will return to the main path. In following their own development path the reader will be making much the same kind of journey. They will be drawn to explore a particular topic of interest and then return to continue the journey. First Footsteps provides some basic information on a range of topics so the reader can gain an initial understanding and they may be surprised to find connectedness between some of the supposedly separate strands.The book has been written in an easy-to-read language and format breaking down complexity and encouraging a practical approach to learning and change.Topics include understanding energy(to help self and others) the importances of colour (including how to use for improved health and wellbeing) healing positive thinking crystals types of meditation dreams and how to keep joy in ones life.

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