Fixing the Ungodly Mess

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About The Book

Fixing the Ungodly Mess confronts four of Americas most pressing national challenges: - Breaking dependence on killer coal and oil - Making health care affordable for all Americans - Remaking lagging educational systems for the global economy - Reducing political gridlock in Washington Here you are taken into devastated towns and suffering households of Americans terrorized as they pay a deadly price for energy. Exposing outrageous political chicanery and killer-dirty secrets of a taxpayer-subsidized industry on a rampage this jolting alarm for America screams out for change. The nonpartisan proposals offer unprecedented solutions to rock national leaders to action. ...In my opinion these CEOs should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature... James Hansen Ph.D. climatologist and director of NASAs Goddard Institute for Space Studies testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington DC in 2008. He was referring to the CEOs of large coal companies and their refusal to transition to renewable energy. Fixing the Ungodly Mess is well written insightful disturbing and yet inspiring all at the same time. Bud Fultz is particularly gifted at weaving stories of real people in with his research and proposals for change. His accounts of the people of Appalachia and the regions plight are chilling eye-opening and pragmatic; however he doesnt leave the reader simply with problems but proposes a panoply of solutions to challenge inspire and ultimately foment change. Susan Daicoff Law Professor Author

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