Food Freedom Community: How small local actions can solve complex global problems

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About The Book

Food isnt just what we eat it connects us to our family our community and the world around us.We live in a challenging time in history facing unprecedented global crises and yet local food initiatives by small farmers community workers and activists offer solutions to these large complex problems. Solutions at the local level can give us personal and community agency connecting us with one another and inspiring new ways of thinking sharing and creating value.The problems with global corporate capitalist exploitation are becoming more and more evident. Local food and strong community networks can provide alternatives to this destructive system as well as many wider benefits for society and the environment. This book shows alternative food networks food sovereignty and social economics through case-studies or real people and communities in both urban and rural New Zealand as well as a global lens.These inspiring stories and helpful insights provide a compass that can help us to navigate towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

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