Fracture: 2 (Flicker Effect)

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About The Book

When seventeen-year old Biz wakes up from surgery after helping catch a kidnapper she thinks shes lost her ability to flicker--travel back in time eighteen hours--but she soon discovers her ability is stronger than ever. And so are the mind-blowing headaches. But flickering isnt the only thing giving Biz headaches. Her newly shaved head brings out the bullies her boyfriend Cameron is getting a little too chummy with a girl from the kidnap support group and Camerons formerly kidnapped sister is having some serious adjustment issues. When her dads health takes a turn for the worse she turns to her neurosurgeon who operated on her. If she tells him the truth he could figure out why she and her dad flicker and save her before her entire world--and her own health--crumbles. But can Biz trust him with her secret?

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