Fringe Runner: 1

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About The Book

After the colonization of Mars and Europa it took us fewer than five generations to reach beyond our solar system and discover new planets capable of supporting human life. Too far away to be governed under Earth law the Collective was formed. Several hundred years later the Collective has expanded to a thriving system of six inhabited worlds but power struggles are common and a seemingly inevitable interplanetary war looms on the horizon. Its nearly impossible for the working class to make ends meet.Aramis Reyne is one of the working class. An old space captain hounded by arthritis and old war memories he struggles to make enough credits to feed his crew and keep his ship flying by running mail and supplies to the farthest most dangerous reaches of the Collective known as the fringe. When hes offered a no-questions-asked contract to pick up a package he jumps at the opportunity. But he quickly learns that he shouldve asked questions...and that there are far worse things in the Collective than being broke.Fringe Runner is a new addition to the great space opera tradition destined to join the ranks of Firefly Battlestar Galactica and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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