From Mind to Soul: A Poetry Collection

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About The Book

This collection of poems connects us with nature so we can enjoy the song of an ever-flowing river the sweet fragrance that the wind scatters the chirp of a bird that wakes us in the morning and the soft flight of a butterfly from flower to flower. By establishing a bond with nature these words give the utmost pleasure raising emotions and embarking on a spiritual journey for the edification of seeing the beautiful world around us. The magic of words creates an appropriate language that is courageous and daring offering a taste of life and the aspirations of people. Poetry calls upon readers to come forward to stop war and promote peace and welfare by saving our ecology. It takes us from the outer world to the deep soul of our inner world. It entertains and teaches us lifes lessons.. Read about the -Philosophy of life and death -Spiritualism -Social evils/taboos -Self-motivation -Seasons and their effects -Human relations. From Mind to Soul: A Poetry Collection presents a veritable bounty of natures riches. Narinder Bhangu is from India. After his post-graduation he taught English to secondary level students before coming to Canada as a published author. He now works as a health professional in Brampton Ontario Canada. Publishers website: http: //

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