From Woe to Bliss

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About The Book

This book is dedicated to all my young brothers and sisters who must be facing some or the other difficulties in their lives. It describes the problems of youth and also contains the solutions to those problems. This book will take you to a divine journey with the holy thoughts of Saint Kabir Das Sadguru Siddhartha Aulia Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan and many more saints. We have got one life and the Mighty has given us the choice to live it happily or to waste it in woe. We keep crying over things we lost and forget to thank God for the things we have. We are always busy counting the stones and we forget the diamonds. It is said that one can only give what he has. If you are filled with happiness you’ll give happiness. So lets learn the mantra to live a blissful life and spread love peace and bliss all around. eBook: eBook with Global Reach (Amazon & Google Play)

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