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About The Book

About the Book: Poetry is such a medium which springs from the tinkling of the strings of the heart. These poems have come from the depths of meditation. We just put it in words. Poetry is the one that comes in your heart you can only invoke it by being a medium. You can open the doors of your heart and give it a way. But she descends herself from some distant plaintiffs. Poetry to be written is a gift of the mind. His words are beautiful but there is no fragrance of nature in him. There are moments when your mind is empty sometimes on the road in solitude sometimes by the song of some birds by the whirlwind of a waterfall or by the sound of the wind passing in the solitude of the soaring hills. Then suddenly a song comes in you you just put it in words. It may not be a rhyming instrument. But there will definitely be a fragrance of truth in it. We have tied those verses in words by becoming a mere reader. Thats why hes alive on paper in front of you. Otherwise when would she have died? The words that became those songs are being compiled here maybe you like it.About the Author: We both studied together in the same college in Delhi while we met that meeting gradually turned into love. We had never thought that we would walk such a long path of life. Not only in the world but also in the spiritual world our association with you is a mystery. At that point of life nature brought us both together. At that time we were unaware. Neither the path nor the destination was known. Just some power was being taken in its flow. We just left ours. Suddenly Osho entered the descent of life. Only then can we know the secret that why did we meet? What is our way?

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