Gastric Sleeve Solution: The Ultimate Bariatric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery Recipes and Alkaline Cookbook for Rapid Recovery and Healing: Written With Kent McCabe Emma Aqiyl & Susan Green Aniys

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About The Book

Discover How The Gastric Sleeve Solution Could Be An Effective Tool In Helping You Weight When All Else Fails!If you are considering having a gastric bypass surgery as a tool in losing weight and developing an active healthy lifestyle you will need to know what to expect. The decision to apply as a candidate for gastric bypass surgery is one that is both difficult and could affect the rest of your life as well as your health. You will find key information that will help you decide if bariatric surgery is one that you would like to consider undergoing as a tool in helping you to achieve your health goals and how to start preparing for it.In this book you will also find delicious recipesthat were created especially for patients of bariatric surgeries with both small portions and dense nutrients in mind. The recipes can be useful as freezer meals or for use in meal prep both of which will allow you to be prepared so that you are less likely to stray from your nutritional plan and heal and recover well from surgery.In The Gastric Sleeve Solution You Will Learn And Find...Ways To Determine If You Are Ready For Weight Loss Surgery.Guidelines That Medical Professionals Use In Determining If You Are A Good Fit For Bariatric SurgeryInformation On The Four Types of Gastric Sleeve Surgeries That Are Most Commonly Performed Today How To Prepare In The Months Leading Up To Your Bariatric SurgeryPotential Barriers To Weight Loss Surgery.What To Expect During Your Recovery Period After Surgery Is Complete.Key Information Summarized At The End of Each Chapter.Some of the Best Foods for Healing Your Body.Delicious Recipes Created Specifically for People Who Have Undergone Bariatric Surgery.Ideas for Meals Snacks and Even Desserts!Nutrition Information Included with Each Recipe in the BookAnd so much more...So dont let yourself get complacent stop dreaming about what your life could be like if you were healthier or able to see a lower number on the scale. See what you can do today to get yourself started on the right track to achieve your dreams of a healthy active lifestyle after gastric sleeve surgery. Pick up your copy of the book right now by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!To Your Success!

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