Genesis 1 and the Creationism Debate: Being Honest to the Text Its Author and His Beliefs

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About The Book

Modern readers often assume that Genesis 1 depicts the creation of the earth and sky as we know it. Yet in an appeal for textual honesty Steven DiMattei shows that such beliefs are more representative of modern views about this ancient text than the actual claims and beliefs of its author. Through a culturally contextualized and objective reading of the texts of Genesis 1 and 2 this study not only introduces readers to the textual data that convincingly demonstrate that Genesis two creation accounts were penned by different authors who held contradictory views and beliefs about the origin of the world and of man and woman but also establishes on textual grounds that what the author of Genesis 1 portrayed God creating was the world as its author and culture perceived and experienced it--not the objective world but a subjective world subject to the culturally conditioned views and beliefs of its author. In the end this book clearly illustrates that the Bibles ancient texts do in fact represent the beliefs and worldviews of ancient peoples and cultures--not those of God not those of later readers and especially not those of modern-day Creationists.

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