Geo-Politics of Water in South Asia: Implications For India

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About The Book

Water is universally acknowledged as the elixir of life. Its importance as a sustainer of life can be gauged by the fact that all extra-terrestrial explorations focus on searching for water as a precursor for life. Water is also a very unique resource because it can neither be replaced substituted or be traded like commodities. As it stands today water may slowly replace energy as one of the reasons why future conflicts may take place. Burgeoning population climate change and pollution have led to the securitization of water and resource control is slowly emerging as an effective tool as part of Comprehensive National Power for realizing geo-strategic aims.The Book delves in-depth into the history and evolution of hydro-relations between India and Pakistan from pre-partition days till date including the momentous signing of the Indus Waters Treaty 1960. It provides a fascinating insight into how the hydro-relations have evolved and sustained in spite of three wars and the Pakistani continued proclivity of using terrorism as an instrument of its state policy and the way forward.

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