Get Programmed to Be the Greatest One Day Batsman Ever Virender Sehwag

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About The Book

About the Book: The sequel to the first book where the authors claim depict and substantiate their claim that cricket is just a game centred around vector forces and prudent shot selection – nothing more this work is the ultimate source of formative guidance for the aspiring one-day batsman. How to develop robotic like stroke selection a computer like mind and the visual acuity of a hawk are the main topics of discussion in this book and the authors teach and guide you the reader in the most plain concise and comprehendible manner possible and as they quote – get you batting like a pre-code robot which can do no wrong within hours. The book is very scientific in nature and focusses on the idea of batting being a pure science and NOT an art form or a poetry in motion and explains the key science you will need to know in order to train practice and develop into a world class batsman. Further it explains proves and substantiates this claim in a manner comprehendible to all – both children and adolescents as well as adults also. Computer science sport science physics and mathematics converge and the reader is shown exactly how this scientific understanding on the game CAN and WILL benefit your batting. The first book of its kind which explains the deeper science behind batting in minute detail and how exactly it will improve your game and allow you to aim for excellence and mastery over the field of limited overs batting. Perfect mentoring for the 50 over and 20 over specialist batsman.

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