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About The Book

GO AWAY YOU BULLY- Black and White are two nasty bullies who bully everyone in school. They steal their lunch and push them around. Adi and his pals decide to do something about it. They go to the wise sage Piku Baba and ask him for help.What secret does Piku Baba aive them to teach Black and White a lesson? Do their bullying ways stop? And are Adi and gang successful in stopping them? Read this fun story to find out. AND STONGER TOGETHER - Chanchu the ant is very upset. Romie the grasshopper has been bothering her and her ant family. But what can she do? Ants are So small. And romie is so big ! Adi and his pals come to Chanchus rescue. They give her an idea that will help teach that nasty Romie a lesson. But does the idea work? And does Chanchu manage to stop Romies irritating ways? Jump into the pages of this fun story to find out. Each of Granny stories and each volume is complete in itself and can be enjoyed in no particular order.

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