God Our Sacrifice

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About The Book

God loves the world and everyone in it. 1 John 4:16; 3:1. He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9. And this is the Plan now for us to follow-the Plan to see the action of God-the secret longings for this planet in rebellion-the Plan held in reserve through ages and through generations until the technology of man could cooperate with the purposes of deity to bring not only the sacrifice but to bring the solution to bring everlasting joy upon everyones head with the remodeling of the forces of the universe in this locality. Praise be to God! This is His Plan and it is a Plan that involves every single being in the history of the Universe. You see it is not just the righteous that are part of this plan. The plan involves the increase of knowledge and the increase of technology and scientific ability (Daniel 12:4); and many atheistic scientists and rebels have participated in the increase of knowledge. They have gone to sleep in death but science was built on their work. Not just the scientists and not just the mathematicians but the housescrubbers and the lawnmowers the cowmilkers and everyone has had a part in the great human race taking care of vital jobs that are necessary for the increase of knowledge by the race. Every single person in the history of the world has had a part to play and every single person will reap in the victory when this is all done. We are now approaching the final hours of sin and decay and death on this planet. It is finished! The theory is in hand! The technology is available! Now it depends mostly upon the cooperation of willing people to sign petitions to get this work done by the government so that it can be done and done quickly without any further delay. Except for texts on the kingdom revival and reformation fulfilled prophecies and signs this concludes the God our Sacrifice treatise.

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