Hard Contact Karate: Karate Secrets for full contact fighting

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About The Book

Regardless of the martial arts style the ingredients required to develop competent real life fighting skills are somewhat universal. It is important that a martial artist builds their craft on a foundation of solid principals and an understanding of how these principals work and how they can be further developed. Body mechanics and movements must be understood as they relate to each technique. In this way one can learn to use their whole body when executing any technique thereby maximizing power and speed while achieving maximum effect with minimum effort. Through this unifying involvement of the whole body into a specific effort ones actions and movements become more natural to their body and more efficient. Proper punching and kicking is not a natural thing for the human body so one must train for the use of proper techniques so as to make what is intuitively unnatural feel natural. Written by Kiyoshi Paul Jackman 7th Dan 4 Time World Koshiki Contact Karate champion and former professionam MMA fighter Hard Contact Karate is a full scientific breakdown on how to develop these skills and attributes and apply them to any fighting situation whether amateur professional or self defense.In addition to the many technical skills necessary to be successful in a real fighting situation there are some equally important mental emotional and spiritual skills that must be developed in order to achieve success is any contact fighting arena. A fighter must be mentally prepared to deal with the high stress and chaotic atmosphere of fighting. A fighter must also be able to control the emotional responses to being hit so as to remain calm and be able to make strategic decisions. Mental and emotional responses tend to cause the body to tense up making the fighter unable to react. For this reason contact is extremely important in training and sparing. For this purpose the use of bogu (armor) to facilitate very realistic contact training that helps sharpen ones techniques and also gets one used to being hit is outlined and described in this book. This will allow a trainee to learn how to receive powerful strikes and at the same time control their emotional and mental responses that can be detrimental to success.In this book Hard Contact Karate all the physical mental and spiritual aspects of real fighting are scientifically broken down and presented in easy to understand Plain talk. This book will give a complete beginner with no martial arts knowledge or experience to a seasoned professional fighter the steps of scientific movement correct form and success in and out of the ring.Hard Contact Karate contains a complete account of the karate philosophy technique and strategy as they apply to the development of any contact martial artist. With chapters on developing all basic techniques offensive fighting Defensive fighting and how to put it all together the illustrations and accompanying videos will give a full technical and scientific breakdown of the most common striking techniques how to develop them and how to develop a solid strategy for success.

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