Hari: An Adventure Fantasy

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About The Book

The year is 1897. Lord Stoker Mcleod and his team are missing. Supposedly the Devil devoured them. A small band of men and women led by Captain Ragi is assembled to discover what happened. What they find shocks and astonishes them to the core.Hari is a fun and imaginative story that delivers mystery adventure and fantasy.HARI: An Adventure Fantasy. By Mike Bhangu.The following is an excerpt from the book: As Mcleod and Merritt reach the spot the two soldiers hover over something big. Mcleod and Merritt move closer and see a large tiger on the ground motionless. The tiger is dead. The British soldiers and Mcleod admire the size of the creature. Yet Merritt alert is looking about. He senses danger. In the distance he catches a glimpse of two large yellow eyes staring at the four. Merritt sees only the eyes. As the reality of what he sees dawns on him the large eyes disappear. Suddenly an enormous roar-like sound is heard. The roar shakes the foliage.

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