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About The Book

Hate the Sin. Love the Sinner!! Haven of the Gods has been created keeping in mind the various aspects of Man deemed fallen due to Wrath as one of the deadliest of Sins in the bible. The stories have been curated keeping the Gods in mind from ancient times. Medusa Aphrodite Helen and Sappho with similarities drawn with the characters in the book. One will need to look much deeper than the surface to understand how the gods and goddesses have been portrayed in the stories. Their similarities mapped with the human characters. The Gods are being used as metaphors to humanise the stories. Prometheus has been characterized as all the perpetrators who are featured in the stories. Zeus is played by Zorawar Singh. The human character who brings justice at the end. The stories are simply drawn and enjoyable to read. I have tried to draw upon the deification of humanness and have tried to show the characters in their nakedness.

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