Having Faith in the Face of Uncertainty: Reflections on Brenton's Early Arrival

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About The Book

Have you ever struggled to hold on to your faith in the midst of uncertain times? Have you wondered if you would lose hope all because you could not see what awaited you on horizon? You are not alone. Lifes circumstances have a way of challenging the integrity of our faith. Looking back often strengthens our faith as we remember that we have overcome these seasons of uncertainty. This book Having Faith in the Face of Uncertainty looks back on the authors period of uncertainty surrounding the premature birth of his son. He reflects on the journey and its uncertainty. In doing so he points out Gods work in the process and how he persevered in spite of this uncertainty. The purpose of this book is to provide hope for all those who feel their faith slipping away when facing the unknown and to encourage others to tell similar stories. Like the author we all have our faith challenged by uncertain times on occasion but the good news is our faith can survive. Having Faith in the Face of Uncertainty is a wonderful account of how we can become overconfident in ones own faith only for God to expose areas in our lives in need of nourishment but it also is valuable in exposing the treasure of self-reflection and seeing Gods hand at work when initially it seemed invisible. The human condition is unique to every individual but encouragement can always be drawn from becoming aware of the mental and physical struggles we face. This individual account my husband experienced is a true gem for people of faith and hopefully it will inspire you to tell your story.-from the foreword by Tanesha R. Meade

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