Healing Reimagined: Reconnecting Traditional Healing with Modern Medicine

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About The Book

In a world coming of age in the shadows of social media giants we are in the midst of a losing battle to train empathetic and situationally aware doctors nurses and health care professionals. Making contact and connection with people who seek healing has never been more difficult. Our technology driven approach to medicine often leaves much to be desired at the juncture of the doctor-patient relationship. In addition the generational tendency to avoid or limit physical social interaction has stunted our greatest asset in our struggle for progress in compassionate patient care. Healing Reimagined follows the authors lifetime quest for the meaning of healing intricately bridging underlying fundamental themes of traditional medicine and the communication deficiencies of modern medicine. Linking modern neurology and psychology with cross-cultural ancient healing traditions we trace the thread that leads from the wisdom of traditional healing practices to the forefront of leading-edge research.

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