Heir: 4 (Immortals of Indriell)

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About The Book

They call her First Princess.They say she will save them all.But there is only one person who has the power to make her claim her birthright. The last Immortal Queen of Indriell has named her heir.The title means nothing to Allie Carmichael. Nothing but more drama and attention she never asked for. Allie loves her newly discovered royal grandparents but she just wants to finish her senior year of college and start her first job. Not step forward as the princess of a long dead nation she knows precious little about. At twenty-one she considers herself an adult and has finally found the normal life shes always craved. As normal as it gets for a young Immortal legacy-prophecy or not. For nearly four years Allie and Aidan have gone their separate ways doing the college thing and just living their lives. Apart. It was his choice to sever their ties. A sacrifice to give her the time she needed to explore her bond with his brother Darius. A sacrifice she never asked of him. But when Allie discovers Aidan hasnt been in school all this time-and his family hasnt heard from him in more than a year she struggles to contain her rage and the powerful judgment that burns within her. Protecting Aidan even from himself fuels her every breath. She would do anything for him. Even step forward as the heir.

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