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About The Book

Honeycake: Help I Swallowed A Butterfly - A Childrens Picture Book About Overcoming Anxiety and StressLiterary Titan Gold Winning BookLife can be stressful at any age but with the right tools and mindset we can overcome any obstacle!Help I Swallowed A Butterfly is a story with social emotional learning (SEL) in mind. It has been praised by teachers and therapists worldwide.There is a rise in anxiety and depression in children.Honeycake: Help I Swallowed A Butterfly is a tender book about how to calm ourselves take a deep breaths and work on a positive mind set. Mindfulness explained in a easy simple and relatable way.One day after school Nala comes home and cries Help! I Swallowed A Butterfly! Her mom explains that she just got stage fright. Together Nala learns breathing techniques that helps to get rid of those pesky butterflies in her tummy. This charming book empowers young readers to practice mindfulness and meditation so that they are able to meet lifes challenges head-on in a healthy and balanced way. Help I Swallowed A Butterfly is clearly written and incredibly relatable with step-by-step instructions and guided meditation exercises for young readers. This book is also a valuable resource for caregivers who want to provide a positive introduction for children to the world of self-care and managing those butterflies.Readers give this book and series a 5.0 out of 5 stars!LOVELY AND INFORMATIVE CHILDRENS BOOKKalantars book is grounded in proven mindfulness strategies that help kids and grown-ups alike ground their intentions and calm their nerves. In such a chaotic time where children may need extra focus on social emotional skills this book can get support parents guardians and teachers with reaching the needs of children. I highly recommend this book. The story is engaging the art is beautiful and it is a great representation of overcoming fears.WE CAN OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE!I wish there were books like this when I was a child. Anxiety can be overlooked or brushed under the rug. In the second book of the Honeycake Series Kalantar skillfully diffuses this often delicate and uncomfortable topic through a well-composed tale of empathy and compassion that is enhanced by the charming artwork. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help ease the burden of anxiety at any age. A must-have for all early readers and a wonderful gift!SUCH A GREAT TOOL FOR KIDS!This book is exactly what I needed to help my 6-year-old process her emotions. She has some anxiety and I had been trying to help her learn to breathe and release for months but she would refuse. However once she saw herself reflected in Nala the books main character she actually did it! This book is written in language and a style that really appealed to my daughter and she loved the fact that she had seen the character before in the authors first book Honeycake. Thanks Medea for creating this sweet story that has become a very useful tool in our home. It normalizes my daughters feelings and offers suggestions for working through them. Im a happy mom.Its the perfect gift for all teachers and children preschool through grade 3. It helps caregivers and educators start an age-appropriate conversation on how to overcome anxiety and help children cope with a range of emotions and teach them that they indeed hold the power to choose their actions and reactions.

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