How I See Life Volume 1

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About The Book

How I See Life is the poetry that I have for my everyday life. I wanted this book to be felt as a friend who doesnt judge but only and always understands what youre going through. These poems are meant to help all of us to realize that it takes all kinds. If none were lost who would need a savior? And if all were damned how truly unloving and cold this world and all of us would be. It is okay to fear but wrong to miss opportunities because you were afraid. It is okay to question your beliefs but its wrong to take anothers word for what you could be instead of studying and finding out for yourself. How I See Life is for all to be entertained by no matter your background in spirituality. I just want the reader to let himself be mentally free to enjoy these words. Allow yourself to feel and to embrace whatever thoughts these poems inspire you to have. Deal with and explore the real you outside of your bills and the monotonous stresses of each day. Be lighthearted in your assessments for a short time; just read poetry. Attempt to find yourself and get to know the real you! We give such little thought to this statement-the real you. This book is meant to bring that person out so you two can become better acquainted.

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