How To Get Your Kids To Cooperate: (And Help Them Become the BEST Grown-Ups They Can Be) (The Life Guide)

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About The Book

Child throwing a tantrum ... again? Total chaos at bedtime?Your home doesnt have to be a battle zone. Learn the basics of positive discipline -- with tools and practices that you can use right away -- inside this guidebook on How To Get Your Kids To Cooperate. Your children need you to get equipped with some new tools -- and create peace at home.Theres no magic wand that gets children to stop misbehaving. But the tips and tools inside this workbook might be the next best thing. Peace quiet and tantrum-free dinners can be yours.Inside this Life Guide youll find steps to help you to gain your childs cooperation and build their confidence. Youll learn how to: Do a time out -- the right way.Set age-appropriate consequences for misbehavior.Handle a manipulative child who knows how to push your buttons.Hold a productive family meeting.Calm your anger and frustration.Understand how your past can affect your parenting style.Begin to reparent yourself and change unhelpful patterns.Make an effective parenting plan. And more!Includes fill-in-the-blank worksheets scripts and self-help exercises.Join the many (previously frustrated) parents who expanded their parenting toolbox and gained their childs cooperation by following the steps in How To Get Your Kids To Cooperate today!

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