How To Rekindle That Spark... & Create The Relationship & Intimacy That You Want (The Life Guide)

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About The Book

Intimacy and sex life in your relationship feeling blah?Feeling cold and resentful because of something your partner did or didnt do in the past?Cant remember the last time you felt turned on and tingly -- like when you first started dating?Before heading for divorce court or having that big break-up talk...This could be the ideal time to read this Life Guide with your partner and infuse some fresh energy into your relationship. (Love is always worth the effort.)INSIDE THIS LIFE GUIDE YOU AND YOUR PARTNER CAN LEARN HOW TO: - Share your feelings with each other openly and honestly. - Identify what might be inhibiting the relationship and sex life you want. (The real issue may surprise both of you!) - Create a written commitment to support a new and healthier relationship. - Rekindle those tingly sexy feelings with playful date-night activities. - And more!Join the many people who have learned how to rekindle the spark in their relationships -- to grow and love again by following the steps in How to Rekindle That Spark...& Create the Relationship & Intimacy That You Want today!

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