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About The Book

Hyperspace is not a work of science fiction. This novel is for adults only-minors should not be allowed access to this work. HYPERSPACE is about a man with a malfunctioning brain. Triggered by his inability to consummate a relationship with a warm alluring high-spirited and extraordinarily beautiful young woman the protagonists vivid pictorial imagination and great power of memory-recall show the reader pathetic heartrending tragic and chilling events in his life. After the first depiction of a traumatic childhood scene Jason walks into a semi-desert plain. In the darkening evening he befriends a small twinkling star visible to him as he stands near a rocky peak. When he realizes that it guided him in his walk drew him away from his home in order that they meet he reaches out to it. This star then becomes Jasons focus of escaping from hell. After his failure with the woman he boards a spacecraftto travel to his star friend beginning a voyage whose final destination will shock and chill the reader.

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