I Dream Of Fathom

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About The Book

Fathom is a story of well-constructed vividly portrayed characters well formed into a complex story of love loyalty betrayal romance and seduction. It tells how small-town America can be taken out of the hands of the people. Most of all this is the story of a woman a telepathic woman that has never-ending nightmares about her daughter being brutally abused abused by a man she thinks may be her own husband. A nightmare where she hears her daughter scream to her for help help that she searches and searches for a way to give her. From the very first paragraph you will be taken into the gripping powerful and compelling descriptions of thrilling fast action mystery. Why are so many teenagers becoming pregnant in this typical American town? Why did an abortion go so wrong it nearly destroyed ones life? Here then is a novel the reader will find hard to put down with numerous twists and turns to keep you guessing about the thrilling end before you get there. This is a novel not for the timid but for the true try to solve it mystery and thriller reader. Enjoy.

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