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About The Book

She loved God. But she also loved one of the greatest philosophers of that time Johannes Eckhart the only regent of the Paris University twice during his life. Did this incredible encounter really happen? The documents available from the time are silent leaving room for imagining. But was it really like that or not? It wasnt the love for man which got her to the pyre; it was her love of God-the way she understood it and described that understanding in her mirror of the simple soul publicly burned on the main plaza. That was the warning which she did not obey. The consequence? Her own burning in Pariss Place de Greve.Imagining shows us that strangely important time of mankinds history through the lives of people we get to know on their ways between outremer and Frances mainland. This was the time in which religious freedom became a thing of the past. The Knights Templar and their horrifying end are detailed here and there is also a mention of Albigenses Cathars Beguins and Beggars and what happened to them.

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