Immune System Boosting Smoothies: Give Your Body What It Needs to Stay Healthy - Quickly Easily & Inexpensively: 2 (Immune System Boosters)

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About The Book

Immune System Boosting Smoothies - Give Your Body What It Needs to Stay Healthy - Quickly Easily & InexpensivelyDear Reader have you ever been told that ALL SMOOTHIES are super healthy and good for you? If yes - keep reading because you have lied to...You see not all smoothies are made equal. And not all smoothies are healthy and good for you. Not all smoothies are good for your immune system.In fact many so-called healthy smoothies may be weakening your immune system!This is why we have created this little book. We want you to feel empowered and confident. We want you to know exactly what kind of smoothies to make to help you stay healthy while taking care of your body in an all-natural way.Its time to revolutionize your wellbeing with immune system boosting smoothies!Heres exactly what you will discover inside: -Absolutely forbidden ingredients to NEVER use in your smoothies (unless you dont care about your health and immune system). -Supposedly healthy smoothies you MUST stay away from at all costs! -The unusual nutrient combination that all immune system boosting smoothies need -The WORST food whatsoever (and the number 1 immune system killer) -The Mineral Quartet and what most smoothies overlook (+ a few simple tips to easily include the Mineral Quartet in your smoothies) -Quick easy and delicious smoothie recipes to help you take care of your immune system almost on autopilot -Why taking another supplement (or a bunch of vitamins) will never cut it unless you do this one thing...You have the power to take care of your health and your immune system. Take meaningful and purposeful action today and discover how to stay healthy and vibrant with Immune System Boosting Smoothies!Order Your Copy Today and Give Your Body the Energy and Health You Deserve!

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