In the Wake of Hannibal: 2 (Death of Carthage)

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About The Book

In the Wake of Hannibal is an historical fiction novel of the Second Punic war between Rome and Carthage told from the Carthagian point of view. The main characters are Gisco a noble born Carthaginian soldier his wife a Spanish tribeswoman named Sansara and his best friend Mago the younger brother of Hannibal. Gisco is compelled to marry Sansars the daughter of the chieftain of the Volciani by his commander Hasdrubal the Fair who seeks to make alliances with various Spanish tribes. Dispite the circumstances of the marriage the two fall deeply in love. Giscos duty requires him to leave Sansara and their infant daughter and follow Mago and Hannibal across the Alps into Italy where Hannibal defeats the Romans in a succession of four battles culminating in the huge victory at Cannae. After Cannae however Mago and Gisco return to Carthage where Mago tries to drum of support for Hannibals campaign. Rather than return to Italy Gisco and Mago are sent with an army back to Spain to support Magos other brother Hasdrubal against encroaches from the Roman Generals Publius and Gneius Scipio. Gisco and Sansara are reunited and Gisco is thrilled to find that she has born a second child a son in his absence. In the following year they have a second son whom they name Hanno. Gisco and Sansaras happiness is shattered when Gisco is summoned by Indibal the priest of Tanit and Baal Hammon who commands him to sacrifice Hanno as a burnt offering to the gods. Indibal has seen a vision that Hanno will perish in the fires that destroy Carthage. Gisco is face with the decision of whether to sacrifice his son or to flee New Carthage and take refuge with the Romans. He knows that the Romans will want something in exchange for granting him asylum and as lieutenant to Mago Barca he has a lot to offer them. He also knows that if he is ever captured by the Carthaginians he will face crucifixion as a traitor. Nevertheless Gisco chooses to flee New Carthage with his wife and children rather than sacrifice his son as a burnt offering.

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