In This Cruel World

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About The Book

Born months apart to lifelong friends growing up Benji Hartkainen and Duncan McKerracher developed an inseparable bond as strong as any brotherhood from spending so much life together. Understanding and accepting that he was different early in his teens Duncan has a clear picture of what he wants and needs from life; Benji. For Benji however it is a world of confusion using a one foot in one foot out approach to matters of the heart. Through the mixed signals Duncans greatest hope in landing the guy of his dreams lies in that he knows his friends heart and mind better than anyone or so he hopes. Navigating the push and pull of peer pressure and social acceptance in everyday teenage suburban life while testing the limits of their friendship each must find the inner strength to reconcile their own desires and fight for their dreams as they grow into themselves and discover who they really are in order to become who they want to be In This Cruel Worl! d.

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