Is the UK Becoming a Failed State? Intelligence Diversity Domestic Governance Accountability and Devolution of Powers

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About The Book

The drawing powers and attractiveness of the welfare state are government-protected minimum standards of income health security housing and education. The British welfare state has been enmeshed in multifaceted crises including poverty racism lack of coherence and a smattering of social and political infrastructure. The Westminster thank tank for public services reforms has judged degenerating and decaying health of the British state from the discontenting facts and certitudes of depressed disconsolate feelings of British citizens: Many of those losing their jobs will be shocked to find just how bare bones the welfare state is. For those earning even the median salary benefit rates appear woefully inadequate providing no buffer to allow for an adjustment of outgoings or time to find a comparable job. These challenges have debilitated and infirmed communication of the state on international forums and incapacitated its domestic enforcement capabilities. After the COVID-19 and African Omicron viruss well-built attacks and its disaffiliation with the EU the state is facing economic and political challenges. The Labour government had failed in yesteryears to address mistrust between government and communities while correspondingly and for that reason the conservative government continued to affix its footprints to goof up and blunders.

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