Justification By Faith Alone In Christ Alone
English, Middle (1100-1500)

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About The Book

Justification by faith alone in Christ Alone will clear all the confusion of believers faith in Jesus Christ. Believers will also rejoice in the long-sufferings - they will rejoice in their sufferings afflictions persecutions rejections and all various trials that may press in on them because these long-sufferings will help all the believers to be redeemed in Christ. This may include many things such as the pressures of financial or physical and spiritual needs circumstances beyond their control sorrow sickness mistreatment or loneliness. While believers are going through all these long sufferings Gods grace will enable them to seek His face more and more diligently and will surely produce in them a persevering spirit and a godly character that will reveal how close and matured they are in the Lord with Christs hope that never disappoints. They will be able to focus on the Lord and His righteousness leaving everything in His hands. This book gives outstanding insight into the justification offered through Christs redemptive work on the Cross giving the believer a firm hope in Jesus Christ through all the processes of sanctification while also shedding light on faith faith without works and the faith that leads to living by faith through Jesus Christ. This book is recommended for new and mature believers alike to ignite a firm faith in Christ alone.

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