Keep a Good Thought Volume 2

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About The Book

Between the pages of this book are love poems spiritual poems and poems meant to offer hope. We are responsible in one way or another for each other. In that light I know that we can come together. Covered under the umbrella of being lost being in the stages of love and being in the spirit that we all fall under at one time or another can we reach out to one another? Putting our hearts in front of our own ambitions giving to others that which we desire most: a chance some understanding and as much patience as can be fathomed. This book is based on the premise that we are all here together and we are responsible for each other. Uplift your thoughts and your life will follow. Make it your intention to uplift others and the whole world will change. These volumes are meant to help you develop your belief and to offer love spirituality and hope to all who read its pages. I am my brothers keeper. It is my prayer that we being to think this way as a collective as well.

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