Keto for Women Over 50: The Complete Guide to Weight Loss Heal your Body and Boost your Energy
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You Are 1-Click Away From Discovering How To Leverage The Power Of A Ketogenic Diet To Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Body And Boost Your Energy Even If You Are In Your Menopausal Years! 3 in every 4 US senior citizens will become obese by 2025. Indeed, the statistics are paint a bad picture of the situation but it is the sad reality of our modern times. Unfortunately, you can't wish away the pounds; you have to put in the work to see those pounds coming off and keeping it that way. I know you already understand just how much of a struggle the journey to weight loss is but lucky for you, you are living at a time when information about how the body accumulates fat in different parts is widely available and weight loss diets that work in bringing about the much needed weight loss exist. What's more; you are living at a time when you can be inspired by stories of other people on social media on how they've been able to achieve impressive weight loss results fast. And one of the diets where you will have all that (information and motivation from other people) is the Ketogenic diet. I know you know all too well that the Ketogenic diet works owing to the many success stories you may have come across about the keto diet but are hesitant to go all in because you've come across information suggesting that the standard Ketogenic diet may not work for you well in your menopausal years as a woman. You are probably wondering... How exactly can you adopt a keto diet to bring about weight loss as a woman over 50 years? How does the Ketogenic diet influence your body differently if you are a woman, over 50 years? What do you need to watch out for as you follow the keto diet during your menopausal years? How does the keto diet bring about weight loss? Is there any science behind its effectiveness? If you have these and other related questions about losing weight on the keto diet during your menopausal years, this book is for you so keep reading. The book will teach you, among other things: - The basics of the Ketogenic diet, including what it is all about, how it works, how it brings about weight loss, the science behind why it works and more - The benefits you can expect from following a keto diet as a 50 year old woman - How the human body reacts to the Ketogenic diet differently depending on age and gender - How to tailor the Ketogenic diet to suit your unique needs as a woman in your menopausal years - Dietary choices you need to make as a woman to make the keto diet work for you in your menopausal years - Tips that will support you throughout your journey to losing weight and keeping it off as well as deriving other health benefits as a menopausal woman - Delicious breakfast, main dishes, snack and dessert recipes you can prepare to turn your menopausal body into an efficient fat burning machine that gives you loads of energy 24/7 while helping you keep off some diseases associated with obesity among senior citizens - And much more Even if you feel your body has started getting into its sunset years, you will be amazed at just what following a keto diet that's specially modified for women over 50 can do for you! All you have to do is to start reading this book and take action! Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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