Keto Ice Cream Scoop: Enjoy The Amazing-Fat-Burning Delicious Ice Cream that Scoop and Taste better than Ever.

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About The Book

Over the years ice cream is said to be one of the most difficult and most interesting foods to make. If cheese making and pastry had a baby it sure would be ice cream. Ive been at it for almost 15 years and I learn more on daily basis. My ice creams have gotten better over the years as I nerd out learning more and more. For anyone wanting to feel fantastic without giving up taste improve their health dramatically and lose body-fat this cookbook is crammed with scrumptious ice cream recipes that will help in the quest for improved wellness and increased fat-loss goals. This cookbook will provide you with amazing ice creams to rock your KETO taste buds and bring total food enlightenment to your low carb lifestyle. You no longer have to go without your favorite premium ice creams in order to be healthy. This are what you stand to gain: This keto Ice creams contain no grains gluten sugars starches soy or industrialized processed vegetable and low in carb. This ice creams were created for a special diet or lifestyle and it scoop and taste better than Premium regular brands. It contains different flavors for every palate to save the time and frustration of searching for recipes online. If you following KETO Low Carb Paleo Wheat Belly Clean Eating weight-loss gluten-free grain-free sugar-free egg-free diabetic and other real-food dietary lifestyles. This book is for you!

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