Killer in the Kiwis: 11 (Lovely Lethal Gardens)

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About The Book

Riches to rags. ... Chaos again. ... Winning is important ... at least for some!Doreen is overwhelmed with joy when she sees all the volunteers who show up to help get her deck addition built. Most of the men are cops friends of Corporal Mack Moreaus and are happy to help Macks special friend and the lady who has helped solve so many crimes for them with a spot of home renovation.But before the deck improvement can be finished duty calls and the cops are called away on a case. Another gray-haired lady has dropped dead. Yet another heart attack victim is added to the long line of previous ones. And of course neither of these recently deceased women had a heart condition that would explain their sudden demise.With her animals at her side Doreen is determined to figure out what the ladies had in common plus why and how kiwis keep popping up in this case. As she digs into the ladies lives the things Doreen discover are shocking ... but not as shocking as the answer is to this riddle ...

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