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About The Book

When a young man mysteriously disappears without a trace on an isolated lake road except for the truck and girlfriend that he left behind the search brings a professional hunter and a retired game warden together in a massive effort to find him. What they find instead is a spiritual evil terrorizing the area and a lost silver treasure that has attracted men with criminal intent that will murder to possess it.Tom Strongbow a hunting guide from South Carolina has a chance encounter with Bob Pike a retired South Carolina game warden during a reunion in Pineville Kentucky. Little do they know that both their lives and the lives of their wives will be turned upside down by spiritual evil in the form of a demonic attack and men of low character bent on securing the lost Jonathan Swift silver horde for their own gain. Both men realize that what they thought that they knew about spiritual warfare is about to take on a whole new dimension as they track the LEGION that now possess the meanest hog on the mountain.Filled with page after page of fast paced action that is the trademark of a W.W. Brock novel and with no gratuitous profanity or sexual activity LEGION will have you riveted in your chair from start to finish.

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