Letters from the Queen
English, Middle (1100-1500)

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About The Book

Amnesiac. Pregnant. Abandoned. In a womens shelter in Hawaii Anna is known by a different name. When she unearths a stash of letters she wonders if shes a native or a tourist. On one side theres the new life new love sprouting in Hawaii on the other is a hollow past indicative of heartbreak and deceit. But not pursuing the truth could cost Anna her life let alone love.Does the loss of memory wipe the happy and not-so-happy moments?As a new Amnesiac Anna cant remember her troubles. Alone the past seems to have abandoned her in a lonely hospital bed with the medical staff and charity workers as her only companions. Thats when she discovers that she is pregnant too. Perhaps not that alone as she once thought. And a new worry grips her heart. Hawaii is a famous tourist destination: what if she was only visiting here she would never discover the truth about who she used to be? Was she a pauper or a queen?When she meets a new love interest in Hawaii she thinks she is reborn and can start a life. All so until a stash of letters surface words filled with heartbreak and addressed to a Jason. She wants to know about her past but is reluctant to chase deceit and uncomfortable truths. Little does she know she doesnt have a choice and has to embark on a fascinating journey looking into her life thirty-six years to be precise through the eyes of an outsider just like the readers.This book will help you escape and plunge into an entangled world of self-discovery.

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