Life After Detour: First Hand Advice to Empower Teen Parents

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About The Book

The journey you are on as a new parent brings an inherent set of challenges questions and blessings. Being a young parent compounds this.This road of parenthood now intersects with several aspects of who you are. What better person to hear from than someone who has been on that road!They have faced the barriers you are facing and come out on the other side. If you are still in high school the journey into parenthood intersects with your roles as a student child athlete and possibly even siblings.The typical parenting books do not touch on these additional dimensions. How can they? Unless you have sat home while your friends are at prom or truly faced the prospect of dropping out of school to take care of yourself and your children how can you speak to that?Deanna has met those challenges and shares her advice for overcoming them. Deanna uses her own experience as a teen mother to bring that unique perspective not likely found in other parenting/self-help books.With this book you will be empowered to come out stronger and more ready to go on the other side.

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