Living Gods Breathing Today

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About The Book

For Centuries our fore fathers from the Old World have used truly powerful philosophy and symbols to define and explain the Truth. Stating what is right and wrong with words even beautiful Portraits that have taken the form of frescos and powerful Icons. Depicting Heaven Earth Hell Prophets Saints even God in three persons and the ladder of divine ascent. Defining the meaning of life and the path the way we should all walk as truth with more symbols including the tree of life and the Cross of Christ even Secularly with Statues of Liberty Flags and the Republics for which these stand including the Laws enshrined in the United States Constitution. All of these are actually just Imperfect Symbols of Love. Some containing powerful philosophical meanings defined with words so powerful that some have become known today even as the Holy Bible.Yet we still lost the true knowledge of who Christ actually is? all of US!Only a Truly Amazing Open mind can partake of the indescribable Truth and Power even the Saving Grace associated with Simple Love and the peace that comes to our minds when with Honesty we finally accept Gods amazing Omnipotence and merciful Grace. Displayed throughout all of creation when he created the law of change and actually everything we all desire by creating the diversity we can all partake of today.

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