Living Out of Darkness: A Personal Journey of Embracing the Bipolar Opportunity

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About The Book

Clymer opens his heart and bares his soul. He truly is on a mission to ignite a fire in our hearts for personal responsibility of mental health. His life story and wisdom are a true guiding light for all of us still learning to dance with our shadows. He not only shares positive healthy methods for breaking free from a personal hell within but invites us to dream again while envisioning the possibilities we desire. Clymer acknowledges the dark side and does not run from it. He has given us a true guide for the mental landscape of heaven and hell. Passion and truth are like food and water for a bi polar person. With out them we are lost or numb. We really can check out anytime we want. Blow a gasket going high or sink into the dirt lost forever but if we stay connected with planet earth and this life what we can do right here right now then we can have a reason to hang out for longer periods of time in the middle ground. Being bi polar is an opportunity to practice everyday the way we can serve others in the same capacity we have to serve ourselves. We lead people to a better life through being an example of continual discovery and overcoming our inner swings. We provide nurturing comfort and guidance because we know firsthand the need for it. Compassion is the gem of living with our mental opportunities. The better we are at taking care of ourselves through highs and lows the deeper we can feel connected with people that experience any size of bump or vision in the road. Clear your energy Honor your Rhythm Live your vision. Walt Clymer

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