Living Stones: 52 Love Letters

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About The Book

For those of you who have ever found yourselves at the crossroads or at a time of serious self-reflection Living Stones is the book for you! Join the author in the challenge she set for herself to write a letter of appreciation to one person per week for a full year. In this tapestry of fifty-two letters you will come to learn about much more than just precious ones chosen from this authors life. As these unique stories unfold you will bear witness to transcendent wisdom and biblical truths; you will partake of lyricism and natural beauty. There is humor and grit as well. Without a doubt the reader will be inspired to consider ones in his or her own life who deserve recognition affirmation and encouragement. Living Stones demonstrates how to share your love in a way often overlooked but everlasting and momentous: through the power of your words.

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