Love Will Happen

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About The Book

Falling in love is an irrational interaction between two irrational people. Why else would two strangers open up themselves to the possibility of despair humiliation invasion of privacy and rejection? The answer is that they do it seeking their true soul mate. Sometimes it takes more than one irrational interaction before you find that person who is your true soul mate.Jeremy Clayton search for love was derailed by a glass of water his job one ladys need for drama anothers abusive ex-boyfriend and anothers I-HOP breakfast. When his relationships ended Jeremy blamed the women. He finally realized that he was the common denominator in his relationships. His friends and family knew how he felt and what he was dealing with and they gave him some encouraging words among them were stop looking for love it will come along and when it does it will come from the person you least expected. Live life enjoy it and LOVE WILL HAPPEN.

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