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About The Book

Mal is one of so many born with a vivid imagination, but in a slightly deformed body. His spine never developed properly, leaving him with the deformity of a small hump. He was reared in a deeply religious society that imposed a strict regime, with its taboos and harsh beliefs forced on very young impressionable minds. The restrictions imposed on his young body brought its own problems in his dealing with a life filled with obstacles, especially when he would seek the solace of furtive love from others, a kind of love forbidden according to their scriptures. Mal's many adventures and disappointments at the hands of those he loved, are told with feeling and some grim humour in this story of a life. Vic Vincent has been writing stories for most of his life. He enjoys exploring the unusual or bizarre aspects of the human condition, and the secrets we keep very much to ourselves, as we pursue our hopes and desires through the many aspects and situations we encounter on our journey. He previously wrote: "Vampricia and Other Short Stories". Publisher's website: http: //

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