Marriage Not Manage: Tools for a Lasting Marriage

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About The Book

MARRIAGE NOT MANAGE--Tools For a Lasting Marriage by Dr. Paul Obadare. Marriages that stay healthy will require effort by all members of the family. Should your marriage need mending or revitalization you are holding the book that can help in that process. All marriages can grow and become better. Determine to spend a few hours of your time and begin joyful changes. This book will give new insights and help you identify areas to be improved. There are Nine C Tools to: Help you find the original design for sharing love within families. Foster growth to your full potential. It is vital because your identity and purpose are secure in marriage. Banish grudges from your marriage. Find the tools to implement the peaceful design for marriage. Supply you with nine tools--to help you fix troubled areas. Insure your marriage will last a life time. Furnish sensible easy to follow suggestions to improve problem areas. Mend or revitalize your marriage. This is the book you will want. Enable a unique original marriage ceremony. The Keys to a Love Covenant is included. My editor adapted the tools and it is ready for use to Be the dynamics and basis for your marriage. They are Companship Covenant Commitment Communication Commemoration Community Consumation and Christ-centered life. And these are powerful Tools! Marriage Not Manage--Tools For A Lasting Marriage is Dr. Paul Obadares revelation on the foundational skills for successful meaningful and long lasting marriages. This book brings fresh and meaningful suggestions. Get help here now!

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