Men of the Year

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About The Book

Cassie doesnt want your pity. She doesnt want your sympathy. And she certainly doesnt want to date you. When perpetually single Cassie McTiernan agrees to her friends online dating scheme she thinks shell go on maybe two dates then bail before things get uncomfortable. Shes turning 30; might as well give it a shot right? Little does she know that theyve devised a contract binding her to date one man per month for one year. Sure if she finds Mr. Right she doesnt have to complete their challenge. How hard could dating be? Jumping through an increasingly long list of hoops Cassie realizes that she might have to endure the entire torturous year with twelve strange men beside her. What could go wrong? Why does her first date need two cellphones? And is the man who broke her heart years before lurking behind that shadowy bush?

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