Midnight Princess: The New Blood: 5 (The Claimed Saga)

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About The Book

Alana and Nathan have gone through so many trials and hardships in their brief courtship. Alana being a vampire and Nathan being a wolf only added another hurdle for their love to cross. Their pending nuptials are sure to be fraught with animosity-filled guests plotting dissenters and possibly even an assassin or two hoping to restart the centuries old war between two of the most powerful species of the supernatural world. The stage is set but are the players both new and old ready?Alana Gregory The Midnight Princess the Princess of all Vampires almost Lost everything to live her life on her terms. ...what challenges will arise from her new life and what part will the newest member of her coven play in their outcomes?Nathan Dumont The Banished Prince of the AKani Tribe and the Alphas younger brother has walked the earth alone for 100 years after suffering such soul crushing solitude. ...what would cause him to walk away from the love of his life?Angela Price The New Blood newest member of the Chief Magistrates coven was a part-time bartender part-time college student from Brooklyn...emphasis on was. ...what does this new arrival have to do with Alana and Nathan and how will her presence impact the happy couple?Natavius The Fastest Wolf on the planet with a mysterious past happens to be Nathans best friend former bodyguard and teacher. He has been by Nathans side when he had no one else to stand with him. ...what would cause him to turn his back on Nathan now?Duchess The Mistress of Secrets with an intriguing secret of her own has survived two world wars and a bounty on her head from the Chief Magistrate! ...what secrets will she bring to light and what is her connection to The New Blood Angela?Nicholas Faraday The Young Upstart vampire with a penchant for making money and escaping life-threatening situations hungers for power and influence. He also has his eyes and heart set on a certain Vampire Princess. ...what line wont he cross to reach his lofty ambitions?

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